CLUB 7,8 & 9

CLUBCLUB (Confirming Lutheran Understanding and Beliefs) is Christ the King's confirmation program for youth in grades 7-9.

Wednesday Nights, 7:00-8:00pm


2017-18 CLUB Focus:

CLUB 7- Bible Stories; Who is God, Who is Jesus, Who are We?

The Lord’s Prayer

CLUB 8- Bible Stories; Who is God, Who is Jesus, Who are We?

Respecting Your Neighbors, Mind, Body, and Spirit

CLUB 9- The Five Promises of Baptism

Pondering the Big Questions



Theme Night- CLUB 7 & 8 students will meet with their Small Groups in the worship center for Large Group, a time where the theme is presented. Small Groups will then meet in designated areas to discuss the night’s theme, weekly highs and lows, and prayer time. CLUB 9  follows the opposite schedule where they first meet in Small Group, followed by Large Group in the Fireside Room at 7:30pm.

Servant Night - Serve together!  Service opportunities available for families and Small Groups. These opportunities are led by CTK staff.

Fellowship Night - Spend time together!  These opportunities are planned and led by Small Group leaders and CLUB parents.

Faith in Motion Night- After a fun and interactive worship, families are encouraged to spend time together. Grab a game, make sundaes, or go ice skating!


Student Expectation:

· Actively participate on Wednesday nights, by attending worship and CLUB

· Serve Community Supper when Small Group is scheduled

· Attend summer Bible Camp at least once during CLUB

· Participate in annual retreats: It is expected that students attend these retreats in full or partial time.  Make-up participation will be required for those who do not attend.


Parent Expectation:

· Support and encourage your child’s CLUB participation

· Model faithful living through your life & engage as the primary faith mentor for your child

· Serve Community Supper when your child’s Small Group is scheduled

· Stay updated through email and text communication

· CLUB 78 & 9– assist in planning and leading a Fellowship Night


The CLUB Journey:

The goal of CLUB is to help students grow in their faith and connect faith to their daily lives. The process will prepare students to affirm their baptism:

· To live among God’s faithful people

· To hear God’s Word and share in the Lord’s Supper

· To proclaim the Good News of God in Christ through word and deed

· To serve all people, following the example of Jesus

· To strive for justice and peace in all the earth


Affirmation of Baptism Ritual:

This year’s service for CLUB 9 students will take place in May. More details will be available later in the year.