CLUB 6 Parent Rotation Schedule
Click here to download a copy of the CLUB 6 parent rotation schedule for the 2016-17 program year. 
CLUB 6,7,8 & 9






CLUB (Confirming Lutheran Understanding and Beliefs) is Christ the King confirmation program for youth in grades 6-9.


CLUB 6 & 78 – As our 6-8th graders transition through their Christian education at Christ the King to the next phase of their life in our congregation, CLUB 78  offers them the opportunity to explore and grow into their own faith – to find that sustaining connection between faith and their daily lives.  CLUB 78 is built around an active Wednesday evening beginning with Community Supper and Wednesday Night Worship. 

CLUB 9 – CLUB 9 meets separately  from CLUB 6 & 78 and focuses on the promises of the affirmation of baptism ritual. They delve deeply into the meaning of the promises they will be making as they approach the spring ritual of confirmation.

Christ the King's Affirmation of Baptism service will be held on Sunday, May 1st, 2016 at 10:30am.

Theme Night: Students meet in the worship center for a 30 minute large group session and proceed to a small group session with their CLUB guide and fellow members 

Fellowship Night: Students participate in a fellowship activity with their small group.  Groups can choose to go out for frozen yogurt, go bowling, etc.

Servant Night: Students participate in a service activity with their small group.  Groups can choose to serve at the Salvation Army, Christ the King's Highway clean-up, etc.

Faith in Motion: Following worship, we encourage all families to spend time together in fellowship.  Students do not meet with their small group on these nights.

Students and their families are also assigned to serve Christ the King as Wednesday night ushers and Wednesday night supper assistants with their small groups.

For more information regarding CLUB or other grade 6-9 activities, please contact Jr. High Youth Director Mandy Rubink.