Pizza, Praise, & Worship
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New Members Sunday

New Members will be received into the Christ the King family on Reformation Sunday, October 28th.  Please contact Amy Olsen ( for more information.

2018 Christmas in Christ Chapel

“Visions of Divine Mystery”
This year's concert weaves a compelling tapestry of music, dance, spoken word, and the visual arts to proclaim the great wonder and timeless relevance of the incarnation as revealed to us through angels and prophets.

Gustavus Adolphus College – St. Peter, MN

Sunday Dec. 2, 2018
    5:00 Buffet AND 7:10 Concert = $46.00 per person
    5:00 Buffet only = $25.00 per person
    7:10 Concert only = $21.00 per person
    (Concert: 30% discount for groups of 5 or more)

Sign-up deadline is Monday November 5, 2018 - Register Here

Worship Schedule

Sundays: 8:15 & 9:30am
Wednesdays: 6:15pm
Saturdays: 5:30pm

Community Suppers are served weekly each Wednesday night from 5:00-6:00pm.  All are welcome to come to a free supper before worship.

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